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East Africa Cup: “Sports Unifying Youth in South Sudan”

Participation of South Sudanese teams in the East African Cup (EAC) to promote unity among youth from the country’s diverse ethnicities through team work, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) strongly believes that Sports can be used to unify the Youth of South Sudan and can be an efficient tool in peace building. Therefore NPA in South Sudan together with various partners is organizing for the participation of South Sudan in the annual East African Cup competition taking place in Tanzania.

Every year in June the EAC gather youth under 16 from the region in Moshi, Tanzania, under the slogan “One week in Moshi, the whole year in the community” The EAC Cup is not just another sports competition for youth, but it also aspires to be an inspiration and a catalyst for the role of youth as agents for change in their respective “home” communities. The EAC is a networking event for youth from 11 African countries and more than 50 organizations are taking part. The event will begin on the 22nd June 2014 and end on the 29th June 2014.

NPA supports the participation of three football teams under 16 from South Sudan:

1. A boys team from Rumbek Youth and Sports Association (RYSA), Rumbek, Lakes State

2. A joint girls team from Mvolo Youth and Sport Association and Mundari Youth Association for Rehabilitation and Development (MYARDIT), Terekeka, Central Equatoria State

3. A South Sudan United team made up of young boys from St. Joseph School and representing the unique cultural diversity of South Sudan

Besides this there will also be a girls’ volley ball team and cultural groups.

The youth have arrived to Juba for training and preparation before the 52 youth plus 8 officials will leave for Tanzania. The Deputy Minister of Youth Culture and Sports will be seeing off the participants at Juba International Airport on Saturday morning the 21st of June 2014, at which occasion the media will be welcome. Until Saturday the participants are gathered at the Multi Training Centre (MTC) near the Juba main Stadium. The media is invited to meet and interview the youth and their officials tomorrow 19th June 2014 at the Multi Training Centre (MTC) near the Juba main Stadium at 3pm.

19.06.2014 | Tamama Mansfield