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First and only female demining team in Central Asia

The first ever female demining in Tajikistan was established this year and continues to attract attention from different agencies, governmental bodies, and the media.

NPA female manual demining team continues, along with their male colleagues, to contribute significantly in NPA land release operations along Tajikistan-Afghanistan border. They have now released around 70000sqm of landmine contaminated land and found and destroyed 777 antipersonnel mines.

On August 5, journalists and camera crew from the national broadcasting channel visited the one of NPAs tasks in Bakai Avval and filmed female deminers conducting clearance operations. This short documentary was aired in September in the National TV channel.
 A representative of UN Women Office in Tajikistan visited the female demining team in the minefield on the 25th of September. The aim of the field visit was to meet with the deminers, get knowledge of their activities and their contribution to Humanitarian Mine Action, and to choose a leading lady for the global campaign on 20 Years Anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

The aim of the campaign is to show the world that women can carry out work that traditionally has been dominated by men. NPA Tajikistan appreciated the attention that has been put on the female deminers to represent extraordinary achievements by women in Tajikistan.