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Political training in Colombia

In 2013, ONIC revised its political training program, the National Indigenous Training School (EFIN), which started in 2005 and has trained 4,368 indigenous women and men.

Former EFIN students and organizationsal leaders participated in the revision. They decided to train “trainers” to provide training in the various territories on a sustainable basis.

The revised training programme is adjusted to Colombia’s ongoing peace process.  The training will focus on “conflict management and peace solutions”. 

One module is the “certification program for peace” consisting of two workshops and exchanges, eight days each. The first training was attended by 11 women and 8 men from 12 member organisations. Every leader presented her/his experience in dispute settlement and negotiation with armed stakeholders in their territories. This compilation of experiences from the field in exercising territorial autonomy was published and will be sent to the dialogue forum in Havana as examples of settling disputes by engaging social organisations. NPA has accompanied this on-going dialogue by sharing experiences, lessons learned and other inputs from various political training projects NPA supports in Latin America.

08.12.2014 | Torunn Aaslund