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Ruling in NPA's previous Chile/Peru task

NPA worked in the marked area which was part of the territorial dispute.

NPA previously conducted demining in the Chile/Peru area where a verdict has been reached by the International Court of Justice.

In the summer of 2012, NPA’s Department for Humanitarian Disarmament was requested by the governments of Chile and Peru to support with demining activities in an area disputed by both countries (Quebrada de Escritos). Heavy rains had caused a massive landslide triggering the movement of landmines into the disputed border territory and a neutral third party was needed in order to perform clearance of the area, consequently allowing for a conclusion to the long-standing territorial dispute which was awaiting a verdict from the International Court.  

Experienced deminers and Mine Detection Dogs from NPA’s Humanitarian Disarmament Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina successfully cleared 333 Anti-Personnel and Anti-Tanks mines from an area covering almost 70 000 m2 from October to December 2012 culminating in a “walking ceremony” which took place on December 20th. Among those who attended the ceremony were Ambassador Claudio de La Puente from Peru and Ambassador Alfonso Silva of Chile. Representatives from the Norwegian Embassy in Chile and NPA also participated.

The International Court of Justice finally settled the dispute on the 27th of January, 2014, awarding Peru a triangle of the Pacific Ocean territory- an area covering thousands of square miles, rich in fish and other natural resources.

NPA's work thus contributed to a conclusion of the dispute and facilitated for the final verdict in a peaceful manner.

25.02.2014 | Rafaela Stalbalk