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Stop the killing in the Gaza Strip!

The killing of innocent civilians continues in the Gaza Strip as world leaders are meeting in Cairo, Qatar, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to try to negotiate a ceasefire deal.

As the death toll has surpassed 600 people, with more than 70% of them being civilians, including more than 147 children and 74 women in the Gaza Strip, Norwegian People’s Aid continues to worry about the civilians that have no place to evacuate, and its staff that have experienced hell for more than two weeks now. Israel’s continued blockade has cramped 1,8 million people into this small area without anywhere to flee. The hospitals are struggling to cope with over 3500 of injured and people are lacking food and water.

"We are calling on the international community to immediately put pressure on Israel to stop the war crimes and killing of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. All parties must end violence," says Liv Tørres

Norwegian People’s Aid’s Country Director in Palestine, Jenny Oskarsson is in East-Jerusalem and Norwegian People’s Aid has daily contact with the staff in Gaza. People in Gaza are exhausted after more than two weeks with hardly any sleep and with continued bombing and shelling day and night from the air, land and sea.

"I am extremely proud of the staff and their families that are staying strong and staying as safe as they can in the horrible conditions that they are in," says Jenny Oskarsson. They are staying focused on the next step and on surviving, she adds.

The Norwegian People’s aid is focusing on preparing humanitarian assistance, and we are asking for people to support us. We will do what we can in collaboration with our partners in Gaza. Right now, while bombs are dropping frequently, we cannot do much, but we are ready to help the moment the situation gets calmer. There are already food shortage and great needs for other necessities.

Norwegian People’s Aid continues to demand:

  • An immediate humanitarian pause in the fighting to allow food and water to be distributed to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.
  • An immediate stop to the killing of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Norwegian People’s Aid is calling on the international community to immediately put all the pressure possible on the parties to end the violence and to end the blockade, the occupation and the suffering of the Palestinian people.

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