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Mine Action agreement with the EU for Colombia

On the 10th of August 2015, NPA Colombia signed an agreement with the European Union for support to the Pilot Project on Humanitarian Demining; a historic collaboration between the Colombian Government and FARC-EP on the clearance of mines and explosives. The EU will support the project with EUR 4,000,000 and the starting day of the grant was 22nd of May 2015 and it has a duration of 18 months.

EU supports the Pilot Project established in the Joint Communiqué No 52 of March 7th 2015, where the Colombian Government and the FARC – EP have agreed to ask the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) to lead and coordinate the implementation of a Pilot Project to clear landmines, improvised explosive devices and explosive remnants of war. The agreement is made within the framework of de-escalation, and it is  “seeking to move forward in building trust and in order to contribute to create security conditions for the inhabitants of risk zones due to the presence of land mines, improvised explosive devices, unexploded ordnance and explosive remnants of war, an in order to provide non-repetition guarantees to the communities”.

NPA Humanitarian Disarmament Programme in Colombia wish to extend a large thank to EU for this generous support to the Pilot Project. We hope that this partnership continues in the coming years.

For further information, please see joint communique no. 52, from the Colombian government and FARC-EP: https://www.mesadeconversaciones.com.co/sites/default/files/comunicado-conjunto-52-1426178595.-la-habana-7-de-marzo-de-2015-version-ingles-1426178595.pdf

08.12.2015 | Tine Solberg Johansen