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NPA clears 1000th landmine in Zimbabwe

NPA team leaders safely destroying discovered mine. © NPA

On 09 November 2015 the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Humanitarian Disarmament Programme in Zimbabwe reached a milestone with the disposal of landmine number 1000.

NPA is involved in the clearance of landmines, in Manicaland Province, along the eastern border with Mozambique. The program has been tasked by the national authorities to support with the clearance of a total of 129 kilometers of minefields within Manicaland Province, divided into the following three areas: Burma Valley, Leacon Hill to Sheba Forest, and Rusitu to Muzite.

The Burma Valley minefield was successfully cleared and handed over to the local authorities in July 2015.

Currently operations are ongoing at Border Streams which is a 4km stretch of the Southern part of the Leacon Hill to Sheba Forest minefield. Completion of Border Streams is expected by the end of December 2015, and plans are already in place to move to three new task sites within the overall Leacon Hill to Sheba Forest minefield.

Clearance of the Rusitu to Muzite minefield is planned to commence in 2017.

Since commencement of clearance operations NPA has released a total of 909,042 square meters of contaminated land, directly benefitting 4,506 people. 

NPA’s mine clearance operations in Zimbabwe are possible thanks to funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United States Department of State .

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