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One of Africa's most influential voices on equality dies

Photo: Nina Kristiansen, forskning.no

Our long standing partner Professor Sam Moyo passed away in India on the 21st November 2015.

He was involved in a fatal car accident. ‘Prof’, as we affectionately called him, was one of Africa’s finest scholars, researchers, writer and thinker.

His passion and commitment was for equality for men and women in the agrarian sector.

Prof was the founding Executive Director of African Institute of Agrarian Studies (AIAS) since 2001. His leadership strategically positioned AIAS as an international independent policy research institution committed to the development of agrarian systems that enhance equitable land rights and sustainable land uses throughout Africa, working closely with social movements.

Prof will be greatly missed by his friends, colleagues not only in Zimbabwe, but in Southern Africa, on the continent of Africa and in the global village.