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Partnership meeting in Zimbabwe

Mrs. Chidavarume addressing delegates at NPA Annual Conference

Every year Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Zimbabwe and partners meet to reflect, learn, and review their collective work. This is a learning space to improve approaches to promote social justice, democratization and development for Zimbabwean women, men and youths. This year’s annual conference was co-hosted with NPA Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association (ZELA) and also marked NPA‘s celebration of its 75th anniversary as a solidarity organization.

Addressing delegates the Regional Director, Mr. Trygve Augestad, spoke about the rising gap between rich and the poor, and made a reference to the NPA report Inequality Watch. He also spoke about the changing discourse in social organizations towards capacitating communities and citizens to hold the government and their leaders to account.

“NPA is also encouraged by organizations mobilizing and organizing communities to demand fair distribution of resources and opportunities among women and men”, said Mr. Augestad.

In his opening remarks, the Executive Director of ZELA, Mr. Mutuso Dhliwayo, warned of Zimbabwe degenerating into a resource curse country if issues of transparency, accountability and ownership are not addressed by Government.

“The secrecy with which contracts are negotiated and signed remains a concern.  Without proper management of natural resources the country risks sliding into what is commonly referred to as the resource curse” said Mutuso.

He further encouraged partners at the conference to treat the three generations of human rights (civil and political, economic, social and cultural, and collective) as one and interlinked, for without proper natural resource governance democratization efforts remain incomplete.

In her response to the presentations made, Mrs. Chidavarume (Director for Women and Land in Zimbabwe) challenged the organizations to generate knowledge and research that is not gender blind, if not gender stereotypes will continue to perpetuate.

In her concluding remarks, Mrs. Chidavarume challenged the government:  “The minerals should be left in the ground until a new framework of management emerges. No transparency, no extraction!”

NPA Zimbabwe Joins NPA Head Office celebrating 75 years

On the night of the 13th of November 2014, NPA Zimbabwe hosted a special dinner to commemorate 75 years of the Norwegian People’s Aid. During the dinner, the Regional Director Mr. Augestad shared the history of the Norwegian People’s Aid while one of NPA Zimbabwe long term partners, Wadzanai Community Development Trust, shared the organizational journey with NPA Zimbabwe stretching more than 25 years.

NPA Zimbabwe Annual Partners Meeting; 13–14 November 2014 Pamuzinda Lodge- Chegutu