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Strong winner of Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian People’s Aid would like to express its sincerest congratulations to Tunisian dialogue quartet, for being winners of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

The cooperation, resilience and strength shown by Tunisian civil society and labour movement in the aftermath of the Jasmine Revolution is an extraordinary illustration of how progressive steps toward democracy and development is achievable in time of unrest and political and social challenges, and serves as an example of hope and progress for the entire region. At a time when large parts of the Middle East and North Africa is marred by war, deepening inequality and increased oppression of civil society actors, the Tunisian example and the work done by local civil society actors is indeed remarkable and offers a positive alternative.

Democracy cannot be fully achieved without an organised civil society. Tunisia has shown that allowing local rights groups to organize, ally and speak their minds is the most effective way toward a democratic and just society. NPA has been in close dialogue with Tunisian civil society since the 2012 in order to show our support and solidarity with the local democracy movement. This year, the Tunisian organization Tunisian Economic Observatory contributed to NPA’s publication Inequality Watch with an article on economic inequalities. NPA believes that the example set by Tunisia and local civil society groups could be an inspiration for the rest of the region, and is a strong incentive for us to continue our work on transnational dialoguing among our partners in the Middle East and North Africa.

While Tunisia still faces many major challenges in terms of inequality and social injustice, the country has nevertheless entered a path toward democratization unobserved in any other country in the region. This could not have been achieved without the remarkable work of local civil society. There could not have been a more deserving winner of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize, and we look forward to supporting the continued movement towards a consolidated democracy and social justice in Tunisia.

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