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Activist shot dead in Cambodia

Illustration image. Photo: Ken Opprann.

On Sunday Norwegian Peopele’s Aid received the sad notice that prominent political activist Kem Ley has been shot and killed in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. 

Kem Ley was involved in grassroots activist groups, and a vocal critic of both the government and opposition parties. He adds to a long list of critical voices that have been gagged or in other ways prevented from speaking up in Cambodia.

Norwegian People’s Aid supports local organizations working for increased democratic participation in Cambodia. We are concerned with the negative development in the country, where the power elite has become increasingly authoritarian and gain more and more control over both political processes and natural resources.

NPA wish Cambodia will be able to proceed further on the path of democracy and peace and that all obstacles and threats to freedoms of expression and association will be removed.

13.07.2016 | Ingebjørg Sørenes