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NPA office in Mogadishu struck by car bombs

One employee of Norwegian People's Aid has been sent to the hospital with injuries after two car bombs went off close to the main airport in Mogadishu Tuesday morning. NPA’s office in Mogadishu was damaged by the explosions.

One of the two explosions in Mogadishu happened outside the base for UN’s deminers, close to where the NPA office is located.

Two NPA employees were injured in the attacks. One of them has been taken to the hospital with non-critical injuries.

“We are currently working to ensure our employees are taken good care of, while we try to account for the material damages to our office”, said acting Head of Security at NPA, Hans Eric Haug.

The NPA office for Humanitarian Demining in Mogadishu has 37 employees.

“Luckily, most of our employees were out in the field when the attacks occurred. When we have more information about the damages, we will assess whether it is possible to rebuild the office in the same location in Mogadishu”, said Haug.

NPA has been working with Humanitarian Demining in Somalia since 2013, is the only Humanitarian Disarmament operator to work in South and Central Somalia. A large number of landmines and explosive remnants are spread around the country after the Ogaden wars with Ethiopia and decades of internal conflict. Somalia became the 160th State Party to accede to the Mine Ban Treaty in 2012.

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26.07.2016 | Julie Offerdal