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25 years of protecting civilans

Norwegian People's Aid is celebrating 25 years of Mine Action

Since the humble beginnings in Cambodia in 1992, Norwegan People's aid have grown significicantly and are today one of three leading operators worldwide. Over 25 years we have been present in 47 countries and territories on 4 continents.

  • We have cleared a total of 1,7 million explosive weapons
  • We have cleared 874 square km of land – the equillavent of 125 000 football fields!
  • 6 of the 47 countries we have worked in have been declared free from anti-personnel landmines

Over the last years, NPA has taken a broader approach to humanitarian disarmament. We are working along four pillars: Mine Action, Conflict Preparedness and Protection, Arms Management and Destruction, and Humanitarian Disarmament Initiatives.

Taking this comprehensive approach, NPA covers the full life-cycle of weapons and ammunitions – with interventions before, during and after their use. In addition to our clearance operations, we offer preventive measures such as MRE (Mine Risk Education) and CPP (Conflict Preparedness and Protection). We have become a vocal civil society advocate and were heavily involved in negotiating the Mine Ban Treaty, the Convention on Cluster Munitions and, most recently the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.

Although all our operations make a big difference to the local population, some of them have proven to be more cruical than others in hindsight. One striking example is our demining of a vast, deserted area on the border between Syria and Jordan. Shortly after NPA completed the task, the civil war in Syria forced thousands of Syrian refugees to use this exact area as an escape route.

The remnants of war will continue to put civilians at risk for decades to follow. Having cleared 1.7 million explosive weapons means having potentially prevented equally as many deaths or accidents. Our work is not done.

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