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Statement on Mugabes resignation

On Tuesday 21st November, Norwegian People’s Aid received with relief and joy the news that Robert Mugabe has voluntarily stepped down as the president of Zimbabwe, with immediate effect. Robert Mugabe has been the Prime Minister and then the President of Zimbabwe since its independence in 1980.

His time as president was characterised with gross human rights violations, murders and killings of human rights activists and political opponents, poverty, corruption, inequalities, fear and despondency by the citizens.

Norwegian People’s Aid would like to extend its appreciation to civic society organisations and to activists, and all democratic forces, whom for decades have been fighting for democracy and constitutionalism. On such a day it’s equally important to reflect on the number of people who have been killed or have been victim of physical and psychological abuse during the past 37 years.

The new political era provides an opportunity for Zimbabwe to ensure that the populations freedom of to organise, participate and express themselves is respected, that the interim government is an inclusive government who’s objective is be to ensure a free and fair election in 2018 where the people will decide on who they want as their next leader.    



Secretary General

Norwegian People’s Aid