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Ambassador Brattskar concludes field visit to Thailand and Cambodia

20.12.18 | NPA Thailand & NPA Cambodia

In what constitutes his first trip as president of the Mine Ban Treaty (MBT), Ambassador Hans Brattskar visited Cambodia and Thailand to meet with key figures in demining work and push toward the complete clearance of landmines in the region by 2025.

Delivering food to save lives in South Sudan

20.12.18 | Tamama Norbert

It’s early-morning as dozens of internally displaced people has started to turn up in the modest township of New Fangak in Jonglei. They are assembling here to receive food assistance delivered to them by the World Food Programme (WFP) in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

Meet Zeinab Hashem: A Deminer in South Lebanon

18.12.18 | Hala Amhaz

“If we are not scared while working, there is something wrong.”

Call for tender: Senior consultancy services on the fourth review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty

11.12.18 |

NPA calls for tenders for senior consultancy services in respect to the upcoming fourth review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty, Oslo Norway November 2019. The scope of the Service is a total of 80 work days.

People in Gaza demand an end to division, and lifting the Israeli siege

10.12.18 | Mahmoud Hamada

Thousands of people including women, farmers, fishermen and members of the Palestinian Peasants Movement are demonstrating in Gaza against the internal division and against the Israeli siege that has been imposed on Gaza for more than 11 years.

Giving women a voice

10.12.18 | Sissel Fantoft

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Nadia Murad and Dennis Mukwege is an outstanding opportunity to draw attention to work against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), says Barbara Mali, head of the Norwegian People’s Aid SGBV programme in Iraq.

Tenth Anniversary of the life-saving global ban on cluster munitions

3.12.18 |

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the historic signing of the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions at Oslo City Hall on 3 December 2008, following its earlier adoption on 30 May 2008 in Dublin.

Call for tender: Consultancy services on Research and Policy

3.12.18 |

NPA calls for tenders for senior consultancy services in respect to Research and Policy Article 5 of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention and Article 4 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

The years in ISIS captivity have left deep scars

28.11.18 | Frat Khalaf Kuti

Four years ago, «Nesreen» was living with her parents and siblings in Sinjar in Iraq. That life took an abrupt end when ISIS attacked and abducted her and 72 family members. Now she’s one of hundreds of surviving Yazidi women who are struggling to come to terms with their traumatic experiences.

Launching Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor 2018

29.10.18 | Hilde Sofie Pettersen

Norwegian People's Aid launches the Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor 2018, the first report of a newly established watchdog for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).