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Call for tender: Senior consultancy services on the fourth review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty

Photo: Anne Håskoll-Haugen

NPA calls for tenders for senior consultancy services in respect to the upcoming fourth review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty, Oslo Norway November 2019. The scope of the Service is a total of 80 work days.

Call for tender
Consultancy services on Mine Action in 2019
Norwegian People’s Aid


Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is a major Norwegian humanitarian and development non-governmental organization (NGO), with global operations. NPA started humanitarian mine action operations in Cambodia in 1992, an activity that over the past 25 years has developed into a consolidated Humanitarian Disarmament Programme (NPA HD). Currently NPA HD has field operations in more than 20 countries and other areas, undertaking survey and clearance of landmines; cluster munitions remnants and other Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). NPA HD implements its own programmes, with international and local staff, often in cooperation with national authorities, United Nations (UN) agencies and other international Mine Action NGOs. In addition to the field programmes, NPA HD works to maintain and develop the international normative and legal framework protecting civilians from effects of armed conflicts, as well as developing new programme and policy responses addressing the humanitarian harm caused by explosive weapons. The overall aim of the NPA HD programme is to protect civilians from explosive weapons

NPA calls for tenders for senior consultancy services in respect to the upcoming fourth review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty, Oslo Norway November 2019.

The scope of the Service is a total of 80 work days.


Support NPA on Mine Action Policy, serve as strategic advisor and provide in depth analysis on national level for selected countries related to the Fourth Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty;  

  • Liaise with key stakeholders including national mine action authorities, mine action centres, demining organisations, the UN, and other partners to give advice and analyze potential for progress and strategic technical or policy support to specific countries as specified in contract.
  • Cooperate at national level with all relevant stakeholders to provide analysis and progress plans for article 5 in particular.
  • Facilitate workshops and write policy positions and talking point for NPAs Secretary General or other spokesperson.
  • Support NPAs communication department in developing products of high quality and relevance for the fourth review conference.
  • Liaise with relevant NPA Country Offices to reinforce and support their deliveries for the Fourth Review Conference.

Contribute to NPA HD’s Policy and Programme.


  • The Consultant is responsible for conducting outreach and strategic analysis for policy positions related to the review conference.
  • The Consultant will contribute to policy development for NPA’s Humanitarian Disarmament work related to the Fourth Review Conference and support and contribute to NPA HD’s strategic engagement with various civil society partnerships
  • The Consultant may be assigned any other responsibility, task or duty (global or programme specific) as assigned by the Department for Humanitarian Disarmament management.

Timeline 2019 will be developed and agreed between consultant and NPA as part of the contract.

Address, deadlines and period of validity

Questions regarding the tender shall be directed to:

Siv Mjaaland, Head of Policy

Email: SivMja605@npaid.org

Mobile: + 47 9024759 

The bid shall be with Norwegian People’s Aid no later than December 30th 2018. The bid shall be presented either as a printed document with relevant documents attached, or sent via email to the email address provided below, with all relevant documents in standard PDF format.

Postal Address:

Norwegian People’s Aid

Att Siv Mjaaland

Postbox 8844 Youngstorget

N-0028 Oslo


Envelope must be marked: «HD Consultant 2019»

Email address:


with the following text in the subject line: «HD Consultant 2019»

Deadline: December 30th 2018

Bids arriving after the deadline may be rejected. The bid shall be valid for 60 days after the tender deadline. Costs related to the development of the bid will not be refunded.

Criteria for Selection

A successful consultant will need to present and document a solid understanding of the humanitarian and political parameters underpinning global humanitarian mine action and demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality analysis and support within the mine action sector within agreed timelines.

NPA will score the bids with the following criteria (not prioritised):

Knowledge of Mine Action Sector                    30%

Experience                                                  30%

Ability to deliver within timeline                       20%

Price                                                          20%       

NPA will select the bidder that overall presents the most relevant bid for NPA, and maintain the right to use or cancel received bids according to circumstances.

As a minimum, a bid needs to include the following:

Knowledge of Mine Action Sector

  • Proven results from relevant work in the sector.
  • Experience with Mine Action Operations.
  • Experience with and knowledge of mine action donors and stakeholders.


  • Updated CV, including the highlighting of competences of particular relevance for the tasks.
  • Overview of consultant’s experience with the thematic issues.
  • Relevant results from previous work in the thematic areas.

Ability to deliver within timeline

  • Ability to conduct high-quality products within a tight deadlines. Must be able to work independently.
  • Reference to previous tasks of high-quality delivered within agreed timelines.


  • Overview over the full and total payment for the Service described in this tender. The consultant is responsible for his/her own taxes, insurances, pensions and health care and all other work-related expenses.
  • Field research trips will be covered by NPA.

The bidder is responsible for the necessary registration related to payment.

The bid should also include the following:

  • Written acceptance of “NPA Ethical guidelines for procurement, marketing and investment” as per attachment
  • Written acceptance of “Declaration of confidentiality” relating to NPA and not sharing knowledge of vital character outside NPA.

Selection process

Bids will be opened only after the December 30th deadline. The bids will be opened and reviewed by a select committee of NPA-employees, including as a minimum, one employee from a department separate from the Humanitarian Disarmament department. The bids will be confidential and NPA will keep all information from bidders confidential.

NPA retain the right to contact bidders first for follow-up and clarification after the bids have been opened. NPA retain the right to reject some of all the bids received.