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NPA re-commences mine action activities in and around Mosul

As the first NGO to return to working on IED clearance in the area, NPA's Non-Technical Survey Teams recommenced its survey operations around Mosul on the 6th February 2018.

Following the Kurdish referendum and the movement of Peshmerga controlled lines, the management of Mine Action shifters from IKMAA of Kurdistan to DMA of Iraq. The primary task of the survey is to identify suspected and confirmed hazardous areas, contaminated with "Improvised landmines", "Explosive Remnants of War" (ERW) and "Improvised Explosive Devices" (IED’s).

NPA has been tasked by the Regional Mine Action Centre North (RMAC N) to conduct survey of all of Hamdanyia District, east of Mosul City. NPA is the only organisation to be formally tasked by RMAC N to conduct this activity resulting in the creation of new, or cancelation and reduction of existing "Suspected" and "Confirmed Hazardous Areas". Following the identification of these areas, RMAC N will be in a position to task organizations and companies to clear the remaining hazards through a coordinated effort.