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People in Gaza demand an end to division, and lifting the Israeli siege

Thousands of people including women, farmers, fishermen and members of the Palestinian Peasants Movement are demonstrating in Gaza against the internal division and against the Israeli siege that has been imposed on Gaza for more than 11 years.

A march was organised last week by NPA partner organisation Union of Agricultural Work Committees , with heavy participation from the recently established Palestinian Peasants Movement.

This wave of protest came directly after the latest fail of the reconciliation dialogue between Fatah and Hamas in Egypt end of November 2018.

The demonstrators shouted calling for Palestinian unity and held signs condemning the internal division and the Israeli siege, and urged the people to raise their voices further.

“Today we are here representing fishermen and farmers to say “enough of division”, no much time left over and this repulsive division must come to an end”, said Mr. Zakariya Baker, leader of the fishermen committees of the UAWC.

The march ended with a sit-in in front of the Palestinian Legislative Council where speeches and messages were delivered by the demonstrators and UAWC project team.

In addition to calling for Palestinian unity, the protesters seek support from the international community in demanding Palestinian rights and holding Israel accountable for the crimes they are committing against the people in Gaza.

The protest was part of an ongoing mobilisation demanding reconciliation and an end to the Israeli siege. The activities are part of the UAWC project “Defending the Rights of farmers and fishermen”.

10.12.2018 | Mahmoud Hamada