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Oslo Review Conference – Who, what, why, where, when?

The Oslo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World is taking place in Oslo from 25 to 29 November. Here is a full overview of events and activities arranged by NPA during RevCon-week.

The Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention was formally adopted in Oslo in September 1997 and entered into force in March 1999. That makes the Oslo Review Conference no less than a “homecoming” and 20 year-commemoration combined. 164 States Parties and a number of civil society organisations will outline the direction for the implementation of the Convention over the next five years. The ambitious commitment is a landmine free 2025.


During RevCon week, NPA and Norwegian Red Cross will have a joint awareness campaign at Jernbanetorget, the square outside Oslo Central Station. On Monday morning, youth and volunteers from the organisations will do a morning stunt on the square, and coffee will be served!

The Landmine free 2025 campaign that NPA is a proud member of, will also be campaigning on Jernbanetorget, inviting Oslo to stand united against landmines.

On Monday 25, NPA welcomes employees, friends and associates to join an  informal lunch/launch of Mine Action Review  in our offices.

We invite to two morning meetings during RevCon-week: A Colombia peace and civil society-event on Tuesday 26 November and an event on civil protection on Gaza on Wednesday 27 November.

NPA will have a landmine-exhibition at the Nobel Peace Center from Tuesday 26/11: “One step in the wrong direction”.

NPA is co-hosting Bjørknes University College's morning event "Powerful stories from landmine survivors and activists!" on Tuesday 26/11

NPA will also be co-hosting a number of side events during the Review Conference.  See overview of all side events here .


Full overview of NPA events during the Review Conference

Date Time Description Place
Monday 25 -> Friday 29 All day NPA and NorRedCross joint awareness campaign.  Jernbanetorget, Oslo Central Station and Karl Johans gate.
Monday 25 07:00-10:00​ NPA Solidaruty Youth and NOR Red Cross Morning Stunt. Coffee will be served! Jernbanetorget
Monday 25 13:30-15:00 Informal lunch for NPA employees and friends  NPA HO
Tuesday 26 -> rest of week 10:00 One step in the wrong direction - could cost your life. Exhibition at Nobel Peace Center Nobel Peace Center
Tuesday 26 08:00-09:00 Morning event: Colombia peace process NPA HO
Tuesday 26 09:00-10:30 Powerful stories from landmine survivors and activists!  
Tuesday 26 12:30-14:00 SIDE EVENT: How can risk education help reverse casualty trends? EORE Advisory Group The Hub: “Frognerparken”
Wednesday 27 08:00-09:00 Morning event: Civil protection on Gaza NPA HO
Wednesday 27 12:30-14:00 SIDE EVENT: Operationalising the Oslo Action Plan: Survey and Clearance of Mined Areas. Mine Action Review/ NPA/MAG/HALO The Hub: “Central Park A” 
Wednesday 27 17:30-19:00 SIDE EVENT: Sharing Lessons Learned: Gender Mainstreaming by States Parties. Oslo Review Conference Gender Working Group: HALO, MAG, NPA, HI, MAC, GICHD, ICBL, DCA, Mine Action Review The Hub: “Central Park A” 
Wednesday 27 19:30-23:00  Dinner for VIPs Grand Hotel
Thursday 28 18:00-20:00 Reception for RevCon delegates Nobel Peace Center
Friday 29 12:30-14:00 SIDE EVENT: Land Release Approach to IEDs and Landmines of an Improvised Nature in the Urban Context - Challenges/Solutions. NPA/GICHD/MAG  The Hub: “Central Park B”