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Partners and donors

Partners and donors


Norwegian People’s Aid is engaged in long-term development cooperation with over 200 organisations in more than 20 countries. We enter into partnership with local and national organisations, popular movements and networks of organisations that have the potential to mobilise on behalf of democracy and a just distribution of resources.

A more comprehensive description of our cooperation in partnership may be found in The Partnership Strategy .

More about the individual partners and their work may be found in the Country pages


Norwegian People’s Aid has cooperative agreements, both large and small, with a number of LO associations, giving support to programmes and political collaboration.

We are active participants in the following Norwegian networks:

 International networks in which we are active include the following:


Norwegian People’s Aid receives support from many different sources – private individuals, trade unions, businesses and national institutions. We wish to extend a large thank you to all who give us their support.

Our largest donors are listed below:

NORAD – The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

IMDI – The Directorate of Integration and Diversity

SIDA – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

US Department of State



The EU commission

World Food Program (WFP)

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Foundation of Open Society Institute (FOSI)


World Bank – Sudan

Ministry of Labour and HR Development (Government of South Sudan)

UNDP South Sudan

CHF (Common Humanitarian Fund)

Joint Donor Team (JDT)

Norwegian National Union of Municipal and General Employees

The Norwegian Civil Service Union

NNN – The Norwegian Food and Allied Workers Union

Union of Employees in Commerce and Offices

United Federation of Trade Unions

Industri Energi

El & IT

The Norwegian Union of General Workers


Coop Norge AS


Bergersen Vann og Varme