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The Norwegian People's Aid, Oil and development : A Review of Oil for the Common Good (2007-2011) (Issuu)

Making Partnership work (2011) (Issuu). Assessment of Norwegian People’s Aid International Strategy for the programme period 2008–2011. Christian Michelsen’s Institute (CMI) was responsible for the assessment, on commission from Norwegian People’s Aid. Its purpose was to chart the extent to which objectives for the period had been achieved and to document experiences of importance in planning the 2012–2015 programme period and revising the international strategy.

Organisational performance review of NPA (2011) .(Issuu)  Review initiated by NORAD and conducted in collaboration with CMI.

Review of Norwegian People's Aid work for sexual equality (2010) (Issuu) by Berit Aasen, NIBR. Recommendations include better integration of work with sexual equality within the overall hierarchy of Norwegian People’s Aid objectives and not regarding efforts in this field as an ‘adjunct’ to the programme work. The recommendations have been acted upon by means of a reorganisation of staff.

Organisational Review of Norwegian Peoples’s Aid (2007) (Issuu): conducted by the Centre for Health and Social Development (HeSo) on commission from NORAD. The five largest aid organisations were appraised as work partners and administrators of substantial development funds. The organisational review of Norwegian People’s Aid formed the basis for the cooperation agreement with NORAD for 2008–2011.