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Periodic Results Report 2016-2018

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Cooperation Agreement between Norwegian People’s Aid and Norad: Partnership for Democratisation and Just Distribution of Resources

Progress Report 2016

Cooperation Agreement between Norwegian People’s Aid and Norad GLO-613: Partnership for Democratisation and Just Distribution of Resources

Dangerous Liaisons II: Norwegian ties to the Israeli Occupation

The Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees and Norwegian People's Aid have, through the report series "Dangerous Liaisons", shown that the Norwegian government and private Norwegian parties have ties to activities that contribute to the violations of international law and human rights under the Israeli occupation. The aim of this report series is to contribute to reduced Norwegian support to the occupation.
The first report was published in May 2012. The report “Dangerous Liaisons II: Norwegian ties to the Israeli Occupation”, first published in Norwegian in September 2016, is now available in English. The English translation includes some necessary updates.

  • From 2011 to 2014, Norwegian government investments in Israeli government bonds have become 40 times larger – from NOK 199 million to NOK 8 billion.
  • The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (SPU) has invested around NOK 64.1 billion in 41 companies that contribute to the violations of international law and human rights in Palestine.
  • 21 European countries discourage businesses from financial collaboration with the settlements. The Norwegian government has yet to make such recommendations.
  • The four largest municipalities in Norway have all invested in companies that contribute to the occupation of Palestine.
  • Norwegian fruit and vegetable importers trade with companies that undertake production in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank

Strategies for the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 :  NPAs work on women's participation in peace processes and post-conflict governance 

In October 2000, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. It has become the main point of reference for the global efforts to strengthen the role of women in conflict and post-conflict situations. This report addresses NPA´s strategies to promote women’s participation in peace processes and post-conflict governance in South-Sudan, Myanmar and Colombia.

The report states that NPA does not seek to implement 1325 for the sake of the resolution itself, but to enhance women’s participation asthey see it fit in their respective contexts.NPA has not primarily focused on urging the parties of an armed conflict to include more women in their delegations. Rather, NPA has typically been supporting the so-called 2 track processes; the broader and more inclusive peace processes, encompassing civil society organisations, grass-root organisations, labor unions and academia. The report is written by Andreas Indregard.

15 Years of UNHCR 1325 : Women, Peace, and Security. The Norwegian Civil Society Experience 

Final Result Report - Cooperation Agreement with Norad 2008-2011 (Issuu)

This report present a brief context analysis as well as selected results according to the goals of each country program.

Inequality Watch (Issuu) the report is a contribution to the development debate. The report shows that a sole focus on growth is insufficient. A limited focus on raising peoples living standard above an artificially defined poverty line is also insufficient. It is necessary to prioritise distribution and redistribution; both of power and resources. The report includes in-depth analysis of inequality and development in Bolivia, El Salvador, South Africa and Mozambique. The report presents recommendations to Norwegian development policy.

Dangrous Liaisons

En rapport NF og Fagforbundet

har lansert sammen som ser på ulike forbindelser mellom Norge og den israelske okkupasjonen. Rapporten ser på handel, investeringer, våpenhandel og militært samarbeid, og andre områder der det finnes forbindelser mellom den norske stat eller norske selskaper, og den israelske okkupasjonen.

Lords of the land (Issuu)

A study of the phenomenon “land-grabbing” in Mozambique, commissioned by the National Farmers’ Union (UNAC) and environmental organisation Justica Ambiental and financed by Norwegian People’s Aid. The study, which also examines land ownership legislation, enables our partner organisations to be better equipped to protect their members against illegal confiscation of land and to contribute to increased food security in rural communities.

The New Frontier (Issuu)

A report prepared for Norwegian People’s Aid, mapping the extent of large-scale land-based investment in South Sudan. Norwegian People’s Aid presents a number of recommendations for authorities, investors, international partners, civil society and local communities. The purpose is to reduce the risk of negative consequences for people and the environment and to ensure healthy development for local communities in South Sudan.

2009 Special report to Norad (Issuu) on strengthening Civil Society