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Humanitarian Policy

Skjermbilde 2019-10-10 kl. 10.09.22

Armed conflict, climate change, growing inequality and persistent poverty are creating complex crises that last longer and affect more people than before. There is an increasing gap between needs and the resources available to respond to those needs, and humanitarian organisations and donors are challenged to become more effective, efficient and accountable in our responses.


Gender Equality Policy 2018 – For the international work of Norwegian People’s Aid

This policy lays out NPA’s commitments to strive for a world free from discrimination based on gender, and where every human being can fulfil their potential unhindered by discriminating laws, economic and social structures. The policy sets out NPA’s commitments and principles for our gender equality work. The policy applies to NPA’s international work; all programmes, our policy, advocacy and communication work, and not least within NPA.

Norwegian People’s Aid International Strategy 2016–2019 is a steering document for with the direction of our international programme work. It lays down clear guidelines as to which principles are to be given focus and priority. The document includes policy statements to the effect that Norwegian People’s Aid shall:

  • Work to promote democracy, and thus contribute to a more just distribution of power and resources
  • Support locally-based organisations and popular movements that share our value basis
  • Help strengthen our partner organisations’ political role in society
  • Attend to and promote equality between women and men in all our programme operations.
  • Undertake emergency relief only in those countries where we already work or have relevant partners.


Organisation and participation (2011) (Issuu) explains our great emphasis on popular participation and organisation as crucial to processes of political change. -People change the world!

Land and natural resources (2011) (Issuu) gives guidelines for Norwegian People’s Aid programme work for securing access to land and natural resources for marginalised groups.


Observing Change: Results based planning, monitoring and reporting (PMR) (Issuu). This book presents an approach to make planning, monitoring and reporting (PMR) more practical. It advocates the use of adapted tools and simple language rather than the use of global tools, language and methods.

Norwegian People’s Aid Partnership Policy (2015) (Issuu) describes what Norwegian People’s Aid understands as partnership, how such partnerships are developed and whom we enter partnership with. It is also a tool for the planning, shaping and monitoring of programme cooperation.