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Identidad Territorial Lafkenche (ILT)

Identidad Territorial Lafkenche (ILT) represents the indigenous Lafkenche , "People of the ocean ", one of the six groups of the Mapuche People. Lafkenche territory is on the coast of 8 , 9, 10 regions of Arauco in the Bio Bio region of Huailahue and Chiloe in the Lagos region. The organisation was established in 1992 and aims to reconstruct Lafkenche territory and protect the coastal zone.

ILT has succeeded in getting the state to recognize their strategic rights to land and sea. They prepared the draft coastal law for indigenous people, the first project in the world to establish indigenous claims in a coastal zone under common law . The proposal was approved by the Senate in 2008 , and its regulations in 2009 , but those rights are seldom formally realized.

The organization has LafkenRuka or the Lafkenche House, which serves as the centre of operations for Lafkenche and other Mapuche organisations. It is considered a strategic space for meetings and training. The Lafkenche is a relevant political actor in the Mapuche movement and has facilitated dialogue and cooperation between different Mapuche organisations. Women's participation is strengthened and more Lafkenche areas have female leaders. Norwegian People's Aid has worked with ILT since 2003 .