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Norwegian People's Aid has been working in Ecuador since 1985. The main partner is the indigenous movement represented by CONAIE, the largest network of indigenous organizations in the country, and their regional organizations. We also collaborate with other regional and local organizations working with human rights, environmental and natural resource management and political advocacy. We help strengthen the organizations so that they are better equipped to ensure democratic processes through political education and leadership development as well as communication and information activities and participation in political processes.

President Correa and the political movement Alianza País was reelected for a third term in 2013 with 58 % of the votes.

In the years with Correa rule (2006-), the state has gained a stronger role and economic and social reforms have yielded positive results: increased taxes, better welfare and public services, renegotiation of petroleum contracts, more transparent government administration and reduction of foreign debt. Ecuador is the country in Latin America that has reduced the inequality fastest.

The social organizations were actively involved in the development of the new Constitution (2008). It was ratified in a referendum with the support of 64 % of the population, despite opposition from media, business, right parties and the church.

Growing tensions

Since then the tensions between the government and social organizations, particularly with the indigenous movement, has been increasing. There is little room for social organizations' political participation and opportunities to contribute to the development of new laws, especially for natural resource management.

Issuance of new oil concessions in the rainforest has also created much controversy. Meanwhile, the social movement is weak, divided and scattered. The biggest contradiction is whether organizations support or oppose the government. The organizations are threatened with losing their legal status if they are considered critical towards the government and several social leaders have been investigated.

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