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Norwegian People's Aid supports Palestinians' legitimate right to independence and freedom from oppression, occupation and forced exile.

It is primarily the Palestinians themselves and their ability to keep going in everyday life for a better future that is our starting point. In addition, Norwegian People's Aid contributes to international pressure that the occupation must end. NPA has done aid work in Palestine since 1987 and has offices in Gaza City. The long term goal is to help create a positive political, social and economic development for oppressed groups. Norwegian People's Aid aims for this by strengthening local organizations and promoting democratic processes at the grassroots level, supporting local organizations efforts in local communities.

Right to land an resources

Palestine is above all characterized by the Israeli occupation policy at the West Bank and Gaza Strip which Israel has occupied since 1967. On the West Bank more land and resources is becoming deprived the Palestinian population for the benefit of Israeli settlements with associated roads, walls and confiscation of water resources. On the small strip of land on the Mediterranean that is the Gaza Strip the population has lived under a blockade for many years that largely insulates them from the outside world and destroys the economy.

A key priority for our local partners are for various community groups their to gain the right to participate and be heard socially and politically, as youth, women and refugees. The right to land and resources is another priority - particularly relating to counteract the fact that land and resources are increasingly deprived the Palestinian population. Palestinian women's rights and protection against violence is also a priority area.

Society under pressure

The Palestinian society is under a lot of pressure after years of war and destruction during the occupation. Norwegian People's Aid also supports relief projects in agriculture, fishing and education that seeks to help the Palestinians as far as possible to ensure their own welfare under these difficult conditions. Financial support and social interventions contribute to youth and children can continue their education. Local partners projects contribute to the soil continue to be grown and the fishermen in Gaza can sustain their business.

Political division

The various peace negotiations which have been conducted between the PLO and Israel since the Oslo agreement has not led to the creation of a Palestinian state, but rather reinforced the Israeli occupation. The Palestinian Authority, which was created in 1994, has in parts of the occupied territory established institutions that will form the core of a future state, but have no control over borders, transportation, natural resources and money. Since 2007, the authorities in Gaza and the West Bank has been separated as a result of political divisions among Palestinians. This has meant that in addition to the extensive oppression by the occupying power has the Palestinian Authority has been marked by abuse of power, lack of freedom of association, freedom of expression and democratic processes. Rift has also weakened the Palestinians against Israel and the world.

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