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Gaza project

Foto: Mohammed Omer, Illustrasjonsbilde

From 2010 Norwegian People's Aid was involved in a youth project on the Gaza Strip aimed at strengthening young people’s rights and opportunities for social participation, including in the political arena.  Norwegian People's Aid cooperated with the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) to provide training for young students.

The project was consistent with our mission to promote human rights and democratic participation. Norwegian People's Aid is a rights-based organisation with solidarity, dignity and human rights as its key principles. The aim of the project was to demonstrate that equal participation and the right to organise are important in a democratic society. The overall goal of the project was to promote youth participation in the political arena, and thereby contribute to strengthening young people’s rights, by teaching leadership skills, as well as topics such as understanding democracy, politics, responsible business conduct and human rights.

Students with different backgrounds in Gaza have been taught about democratic rights and political participation. Norwegian People's Aid believes that this is important knowledge for young people, whatever their political affiliation.

There is no automatic connection between our partners and the people that take part in the activities they organize. Partner organisations have advertised their activities on websites etc., with registration open for all.

Norwegian People's Aid supports partners that work to influence political processes and promote democracy and a more just distribution of power and resources. This is also the case in Palestine. It is natural that our partners are in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders in society, including groups whose political views they do not share. Norwegian People's Aid’s partners do not require course participants or those taking part in similar activities to reveal whom they vote for.

Norwegian People's Aid has contributed financial support for the activities mentioned in this case, but has also provided practical support to strengthen partner organisations that organise activities, including training in planning.