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International Campaign to Ban Landmines

ICBL was founded by among others Handicap International and Human Rights Watch, when the founder organizations witnessed the unacceptable humanitarian harm landmines had on the civilian population of the countries they operated and decided that the only acceptable solution to the landmine problem was a total ban on antipersonnel mines.

Norwegian People’s Aid became involved in ICBL in 1995. We wanted to bring our solid knowledge of humanitarian demining in the field, and our experiences of the facts on the ground to the international political arena in an effort to strengthen the campaigning for a ban on antipersonnel mines.

ICBL was crucial in the effort to establish the Mine Ban Convention in 1997. Together with Jody Williams, ICBL received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 in recognition of its effort to ban the use of antipersonnel mines. ICBL has since continued to work to get more and more countries to become States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty and to ensure faithful implementation of its provisions on clearance, destruction of stockpiles and assistance to victims.

Read more about ICBL: www.icbl.org