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Kalthoom Daoud Atallah

Currently, the NPA Mine Action Programme deploys 6 Multi-Task Teams (MTT) that are trained to clear both cluster munitions and landmines. They work in southern Lebanon on tasks issued by the Regional Mine Action Centre - Nabateyah (RMAC-N) - deploying daily from an operational base in Tyre. In addition to continuing deployment of these clearance teams, NPA Lebanon has capacity to undertake non-technical survey, pre and post-impact assessment and explosive ordnance risk education (EORE).

NPA supports Lebanon in fulfilling its obligations under the Convention on Cluster Munitions via its clearance of cluster munitions and through advocacy work undertaken directly and in partnership with other stakeholders such as Norway’s Embassy in Lebanon and NPA's Mine Action Review project. In parallel, NPA also advocates for Lebanon to become a state party to the Mine-Ban Treaty.

Mine Action Review

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