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Toxic remnants of war

Toxic remnants of war

Toxic Remnants of War (TRW) are found in most if not all of the areas where NPA works, given they are all former conflict zones.

While the risks associated with the explosive ordnance remaining after combat have been extensively documented and addressed, little attention has so far been paid to the toxic and radiological materials released during military activities. The TRW agenda includes, but is not limited to, depleted uranium ( DU ).

Beyond the broad imperative of preventing hazards to human and environmental health, the issue is also of particular importance to NPA and other field operators. NPAs staff are physically present in areas with potential contamination and in Ammunition Storage Areas ( ASAs) where there may also be toxic materials. In the Balkans in particular, the threat of DU is a concern among many local populations

The principle of precaution has moved NPA to engage in the emerging agenda on TRW.

NPA is facilitating studies into the possible effects of remaining DU on local communities' health, and at the same time developing methodologies and preparing plans for clean-up in places like Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo , where the issue is most prevalent.