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Breaking Barriers: Women at the forefront of Mine Action in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) stands at the forefront of championing gender inclusion in Mine Action. Through the bold employment and empowerment of women across diverse roles, NPA Zimbabwe has shattered the misconception that demining is solely a man's domain. Not only have these courageous women enhanced gender equality within the workforce, but they have also emerged as catalysts for positive change within mine-affected communities.

Women zim
Female staff is essential in ensuring all members of mine-affected communities are reached with essential information and in data gathering. Photo: NPA
We take immense pride in the courageous women of Norwegian People's Aid who make a difference in various roles, said Memory Mutepfa.

Moreblessing Makukunzva is truly passionate about her job. She sees mine action as an important contribution to socio-economic development in her community. Photo: NPA
Assistant Supervisor Esther Teedzai has proven her capabilities and earned the respect of her male counterparts. Photo: NPA
Team Leader Rosemary Chigariro encourages other women to join mine action. Photo: NPA