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Farmers in al-Khasfa can finally use their land again following clearance of improvised minefields

Mohammed Khleef (30) and Maher Rafe’e (26) are cousins who together own a piece of farmland in al-Khasfa, a small village in the Haditha district of Anbar Governorate, Iraq.

Al khasfa2
Maher (left) and Mohammed (right) check the crops in their wheat fields
It’s good that the minefields are now being cleared as these kinds of accidents are still happening

- Maher Rafe’e

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Marked improvised landmines and components before being recovered from the ground
The land in this area is good for growing wheat because the water is clear and does not contain metal or salt like in other areas

- Mohammed Khleef

Mohammed checks his wheat crops
The harvest was really good, we had high-quality seeds and the water and soil were good, also because the land hadn’t been used for a while

- Mohammed Khleef

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A rented machine is used for harvesting the wheat
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Mohammed and his cousins working on the land

NPA thanks the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement in the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (PM/WRA) for supporting clearance operations in al-Khasfa, Anbar.