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Finally, a return to some normalcy for Ayada and his family following the clearance of their land

Last year, NPA cleared the land of Ayada Tablan in al-Khasfa village in the Haditha district of Anbar Governorate, Iraq.

IMG 1546 cc
Ayada’s children playing in the fields behind their house in al-Khasfa
IMG 1579 c
One of Ayada’s children playing outside near their house
DSC0755 c
Ayada next to his newly planted crops following the completion of clearance activities on his land
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NPA would like to thank the people of Germany for their ongoing support of life-saving mine activities across Anbar Governorate. Both the EORE team that provided risk education to the people in al-Khasfa and the clearance teams that cleared Ayada’s land and other areas in the village were funded by the German Foreign Federal Office, directly contributing to the safety of returnees and the rehabilitation of al-Khasfa village.