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NPA clears improvised minefields in Albuhayat village, Iraq

Albuhayat is a small village in the Haditha district of Anbar Governorate, Iraq. In December 2014 the village was taken by ISIS, forcing many residents to flee.

NPA cleares improvised minefields Albuhayat3
An improvised ‘jerrycan mine’ found by NPA in Albuhayat. Photo: Noe Falk Nielsen
NPA cleares improvised minefields Albuhayat5
Ayman and his grandfather. Photo: Marijn Van Broekhoven
Some shepherds had made a small path, I tried not to go off from it because I was afraid to step on a mine, sometimes when I walked with the sheep I saw them in the ground
NPA cleares improvised minefields Albuhayat
Sameer with two of his daughters. Photo: Marijn Van Broekhoven
When I returned I went to my land but I could see the jerrycan mines (a type of improvised mine) in the ground, so I knew it wasn’t safe to use