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NPA Vietnam's Environmental Initiative to reduce plastic waste

In the face of a significant challenge—managing 1.38 tons of annual plastic waste from 60,000 sandbags— Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) in Vietnam has taken on the responsibility to address this environmental concern. The project, "Reducing Plastic Waste in Thua Thien Hue province," was made possible through the generous support of the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund (NREF), enabling NPA Vietnam in collaboration with local partner Hue Union of Friendship Organization (HueFO), to conduct this new and transformative initiative.

243 NREF handover ceremony 3
Pho Trach villagers received machine and equipment supported by NPA project.
243 NREF Co Bang pressing machine 28012024 resized
Six new pressing machines (right), potentially increasing productivity to fivefold compared to the old tool (left), were installed for the village.
243 NREF Co Bang Sandbag trial 14092023 23 resized
Co Bang sandbags offer versatility in production, enabling customisation according to the specific requirements, in comparison with their plastic counterparts.
243 NREF testing of Co Bang sandbags before after demolition 28012024 resized
NPA conducted tests on the Co Bang sandbag in demolition scenarios, revealing that in this specific case, only 25 units were needed to reduce explosion impact compared to 40 units required with plastic sandbags (left). Additionally, the Co Bang sandbag eliminated the need for post-demolition cleaning (right).
243 NREF testing of Co Bang sandbag 28012024 resized
NPA's trials of Co Bang sandbags have showcased impressive durability, enabling them to endure exposure to weather for an extended period, lasting up to at least 45 days. In comparison, their plastic counterparts can only withstand such conditions for two weeks.