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Peru achieves historic milestone and NPA ensures global success for the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Friday 15 December marked an important milestone for international weapons diplomacy as the last of Peru's cluster munition stockpiles went up in smoke at a military base in the south of the country. Not only was this the end of the road for Peru's cluster munitions stockpiles - it marked the completion of cluster munition stockpile destruction for all 112 states parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

Friform 3
Team photo in Chiclayo and Talara air force base in northern Peru.

"By fulfilling their commitments, these countries have contributed to a significant reduction in the number of explosive weapons globally resulting in a safer world. This is an important bright spot at a time when we are unfortunately witnessing an increase in the use of this obsolete type of weapon with unacceptable humanitarian consequences," he said.

Back in 2006 and 2007, Norway and Peru, together with a core group of four other governments, were some of the most important advocates for the ban on cluster munitions. The fact that all states have now reached their goal is a major victory for Norwegian and Peruvian diplomacy.

Peru's Ambassador to Norway, Gustavo Laurie, is grateful for the support from Norway and Norwegian People's Aid to Peru's compliance with obligations under International Humanitarian Law through joint efforts and a vision of a world free of cluster munitions.

Per nergaard
Deputy Secretary General in NPA, Per Nergaard.
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Stockpiles ready for demolition in Talara air base.
NPA in Peru