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Ready to clear mines in Ukraine: On a scale that no one has seen since World War II

The commemoration of Ukrainian Liberation Day on August 24 was also the commemoration of six months of war. During these months, Norwegian People's Aid has gone from having no activity in the country, to get our perhaps largest mine clearance programme to date up and running.

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Deminers from SESU investigate a crater after a Russian rocket attack in Kharkiv region on August 1 Photo: REUTERS/ VYACHESLAV MADIYEVSKYY / NTB SCANPIX
Alberto Serra
Alberto Serra, head of the Norwegian People's Aid country programme in Ukraine. Photo: Ludvig Gundersen
Ukrainian farmers are particularly vulnerable to landmines and explosives. So far this year, 90 accidents have been registered, but it is expected that there are large numbers in the dark. Photo: AFP PHOTO /UKRAINIAN /EMERGENCY SERVICE / NTB SCANPIX