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Remnants of War: Smart Maps Help Teams Locate and Remove Landmines

By Ryan Lanclos.

Minefield Working Lanes 768x432
In this minefield, working lanes are marked for a manual clearing operation.
NPA trains and deploys dogs in its mine detection work.
Team Leader Zimbabwe 768x432
The NPA team leader in Zimbabwe uses the mobile app to record details of a land mine.
Afghanistan Demining Dashboard
A dashboard view of Afghanistan details tasks and contamination to put the one clearing activities into perspective at a country scale.
IED Iraq
This map portrays the concentration of improvised explosive device reports and explosions in the Anbar Province of Iraq
Iraq Mine Dashboard
A dashboard view of work in Iraq details mine clearing actions and progress.
Iraq Education Outreach
NPA uses dashboards for all manner of activities, including this dashboard that details education outreach activities and materials distributed.
Vietnam Operational Dashboard
This dashboard of cluster munitions contamination in Vietnam marks progress.
A Shared Map Prioritizes Demining Efforts