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Cambodia was the first country for Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) to support on mine action. NPA started up demining activities in 1992 in preparation for the resettlement of refugees returning from the border camps in Thailand, but also to make land safe for communities affected by landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive ordnance.

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NPA's Country Director Rune Dale Andresen visiting the minefields that remain to be cleared in Kep Province together with Cambodia's National Mine Action Authority and operator, CMAA and CMAC. Photo: NPA Cambodia
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On 28 February, Kep was declared the first mine-free province in Cambodia. Photo: NPA Cambodia
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Promoting women in the mine action sector has been a priority to NPA. All-women's teams were unheard of in the sector when first introduced by NPA in Cambodia. Today, the programme operates with mixed teams, and a majority of field staff are actually women. Photo: NPA Cambodia