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Urged Taliban to declare continued support for humanitarian mine action in Afghanistan

As the only humanitarian mine action operator represented in the meeting between the Taliban and Norwegian organisations in Oslo this afternoon, NPA conveyed to the Taliban a request for official statement of support and ownership of the humanitarian mine action programme and secure continued delivery of mine action activities in Afghanistan.

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Taliban met with Norwegian NGOs in Oslo on 25 January. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Humanitarian mine action is a key precondition for ensuring a safe future for a war-torn Afghan population. Established in 1989, Afghanistan’s Mine Action programme is the oldest and most comprehensive in the world. It was the first humanitarian mine action programme to include all pillars within mine action, like mine clearance, stockpile destruction, mine risk education, assistance to survivors and impact work.

"Historically, Afghanistan mine action programme has been an example for other countries. Afghanistan is a signatory if both Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention and the Convention on Cluster Munitions, an important drive for the global work to fight mines and explosives," Jeremic said.

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NPA's Emil Jeremic at the meeting between humanitarien organisations and the Taliban in Oslo, 25 January 2021 Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB